Tokyo Travel Guide 2023 Area Guide, Things to do, Itinerary

half-hour Travel information of Tokyo for you planning to go to Tokyo in 2023 or began to consider visiting Tokyo.

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♢Tokyo Train Guide ♢
How to Get Around Tokyo by Trains:

Tokyo Trains Map and System:

How to Get from Narita Airport to Tokyo:

How to Get from Haneda Airport to Tokyo City Center :

♢Tokyo Area Guide♢

10 Must See Areas of Tokyo :

UENO – A Must See Area for Sight Seeing in Tokyo :

HARAJUKU – What’s in Harajuku ♢ A Must See Area in Tokyo for Sight Seeing:

AKIHABARA – Akihabara First Time Guide – 17 Things to do in Akihabara :

SHINJUKU – Things to do in SHINJUKU ♢ How to Enjoy Tokyo’s Busiest Neighborhood:

ASKUSA – Things to do in Asakusa – Tokyo’s Must See Neighborhood for Sight Seeing:

0:00 Welcome to Tokyo
2:07 Getting to Tokyo HND/NRT
4:58 How to Get to Tokyo from Airports
6:56 Hotel Choices in Tokyo
8:59 Where to Stay in Tokyo / Area Guide
15:24 Is Tokyo Safe for Travelers?
16:11 How to Get Around Tokyo by Trains
21:11 How to get pleasure from Tokyo – Things to do in Tokyo
29:13 Planning and Itinerary of Tokyo Trip


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